Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ravelry Swap

I just realised I'd forgotten to post the pics of the cosy I made for the Ravelry swap. I was lucky enough to have knitwytch for a pal who is rather fond of witches - so a witch was the obvious choice for a cosy. Here it is:

Witchy tea cosyWitchy tea cosyWitchy tea cosy

I love how this came out - it was very hard putting it in the post box but I am pleased to say my swappee loved it. It was knit with 8ply wool on a 4.0mm 40cm circ and DPN's, the eyes and mouth were sewn on later with felt since I'm terrible at embroidery (though I've only tried it once!) I'll try and get the pattern up sometime after christmas for anyone who is interested.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

My tea cosy swap arrived!!!!!!!!!

And I want to send the biggest THANK-YOU to my swapper cseneque
I got a huge suprise when I arrived home from work tonight to find a parcel waiting.
ravelry swap 032
In it was the most awesome black and white stranded tea-cosy - a perfect match for my teapot - twinnings english breakfast tea (one of my faves), oreos (in the white box), green & blacks organic chocolate,
ravelry swap 029
some gorgeous Jo Sharp Alpaca Kid Lustre in the most magnificent shade of blue, some lovelyNaturally Haven 4ply merino, not one, not two but three washcloths and some fantastic stitch markers (and I very nearly purchased the same set from live2knit this morning!)
ravelry swap 031
I feel so spoilt and am already tossing around ideas for the yarn and several oreos have already been consumed and I'd just like to say THANKYOU once more!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

And something for my swapper

If you haven't already started anything - I bought a teapot, I found it too hard to design my cosy pattern without something to try it on. If you have already started a cosy, or something else - that's fine, I'll still by a teapot to fit and pass this teapot onto my Mum who could always use another teapot. So here is a pic:

Measurements are 45cm around widest part, 31cm around the base, 14cm high but it's 17cm measuring from the base to the nobbly bit ontop because of how fat the belly is. For scale it's next to my 13cm tall broken pin-thing in which is an impression of my 6.5cm thumb.

Hope that helps, if not, feel free to ignore! :D

Monday, November 12, 2007

Okay, I lied

I cast on for my tea cosy for my swap buddy before my february baby sweater was finished - but I mean sewing on buttons and weaving in ends doesn't really count now does it? :P But it's okay now - my tea cosy is 90% finished I'm just waiting on a trip to the craft store to pick up some bits to finish it off - sneak peeks to come next post - and the febuary baby sweater is complete - buttons and all! See - here's the proof:

I've also been busy dyeing up some yarn and making some stitch markers and earrings for my swapee.

This was my first attempt at making stitch markers so they're a little bit uneven but still perfectly functional. I'm really pleased with how the yarn turned out though - so much so that I want to keep it for myself, but repeat after me "I have enough yarn, I have enough yarn........."

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My apologies

I apologise for being such a terrible blogger - I seem to be able to think up all of these awesome, clever and witty posts in my head but whenever I get near a computer and log on they all seem to disappear. I partly blame my terrible blogging on ravelry, I'm sure you all understand and also on my missing camera cable as what's a post without pictures?

Knitting wise I'm now in the swing of my Febuary Baby Sweater, the bodies done and I'm 3/4 of the way through one sleeve, but it gave me some nightmares to begin with, first I didn't swatch and just used some Cleckheaton Merino Supreme I had in my stash since I'd subbed it for another pattern that used worsted and got the same guage so it would be OK wouldn't it? Ummm..........NO! Half way through the body I actually looked it it and went OMG! It's big enough to fit a six year old! Then I measured guage - I was off by a stitch and over 140 stitches it ends up being 7". So I put that aside (it looks to pretty to frog at the moment) and cast on in some Lincraft Bamboozle, which feels lovely knitted up and has a lovely drape but IT IS THE SPLITTIEST %@$$%$@%$$ YARN I've ever used so I won't be touching it again.

The next thing I'm onto is my tea-cosy for the ravelry swap, I've bought the yarn and I keep staring at it with my fingers itching to cast on but

Friday, October 5, 2007

And a scarf

Scarf for Lynda
Originally uploaded by flic_22
A simple feather and fan scarf. Knit during a couple of long car trips during my Melbourne trip with yarn and needles raided from Gran's stash. Gifted to Lynda, my stepmum and modelled by Indie, their choclolate labrador as Lynda didn't want her pic taken.

My first socks

My first socks
Originally uploaded by flic_22
Finally got around to finishing my socks. I started them back in March, finsihed the first sock in a week, discovered that I had been twisting ALL of my knit stitches so put off starting the next sock until May, decided I couldn't be bothered frogging the first sock, or twisting the stitches on the second, and didn't care if they didn't match exactly, finished all bar the toe decreases and grafting on the second and then pinched the needles for another project so the poor second sock stayed languishing at the bottom of my knitting bag until August when I decided my feet were to cold and I needed to finish it.